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I'm Already Behind on the Television Meme

So here goes more:

Day 2 "A show you wish more people were watching"
I would have to say a show I wish more people had watched, because I don't really know what people are watching now. That would be (see question 1) Firefly. And possibly Arrested Development.

Day 3 "Your favourite new show (aired this tv season)"
Okay - this one I can answer, mostly because the dvd for the first half of season 1 has already been released, and the rest of season 1 is airing now, or has just finished, not sure. Anyway, the answer is Glee (GLEEEEEEE). It's such an unlikely hit, so schmaltzy at times, but the players are just so damned talented and the joy is infectious. I love it.

Day 4 "Your favourite show ever"
I think I would have to say BtVS. I don't know another show that has given me more consistent pleasure, that I've already seen all the way through twice and that I could easily see several times more. I like Angel, too, but BtVS is just that little bit more... loveable, I guess.

Day 5 "A show you hate"
Can't remember specific titles, but exploitation reality shows. Things like Bad Boys or those competitions where people have to do stupid embarrassing or dangerous things

Here are all the questions

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