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The TV Meme Continues

Day 10 A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving.

Can we spell "B-U-F-F-Y"? To my sorrow, because of prejudice against horror, and complete obliviousness to what critics were saying about it, I never watched a single episode of my now beloved show when it ran on TV. Also my mum was alive and living with me during its run, and I can't imagine being able to persuade her to watch it (though I think she might have liked it, in fact).

Day 11 A show that disappointed you

Most recently, The Dollhouse, though this may turn into an example of Day 10 when I actually get down to watching the whole show through. People keep telling me "it gets better!" but I haven't got there yet. Also Lost, though the same may be true for it - I haven't got past about episode 4 of season one yet.

Day 12 An episode you've watched more than 5 times.

Probably the series finale to Friends because we used to watch reruns on TV and then I've seen the whole series through at least twice on dvd.

Day 13 Favourite childhood show

This depends on how old "childhood" is. As a very young child (pre-school), in England, I believe my favourite show was "Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men." Then, when we came to Canada, I was very fond of "The Forest Rangers," which starred a very young Gordon Pinsent and featured a group of youngsters who helped watch for forest fires and had adventures in the woods. It was cool. Once I reached about the age of 10, my fannish tendencies had started to become evident, because my favourite shows were "Jonny Quest," "Lost in Space" and "The Avengers." I thought "Star Trek" was silly, though. By the age of 13, I was hooked on "The Prisoner," and as a young teen I used to run home after school to watch "Dark Shadows." A geek in the making, for sure!

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