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TV Meme, Days 14-16

Day 14 Favourite male character
Okay, if we're talking about Buffy, then Spike, with Giles a close second, and Wesley (especially Angel Wesley) an even closer third. I would also in a broader context have to put in a good word for Mal Reynolds, William Adama, Spock, Jean-Luc Picard, Da Vinci (of Da Vinci's Inquest) and Barnabas Collins.

Day 15 Favourite female character
Irena ... (Sydney Bristow's mother, in Alias), Starbuck (BSG), Seven of Nine (STV), Kaylie (FF), Willow.

I realize that the greatness of all of these characters in both questions (with the possible exception of Willow) depends a lot on the personal charisma of the actor playing them.

Day 16 Your guilty pleasure show
I have a soft spot for certain reality competition shows, like The Amazing Race, or America's Next Top Model, or even American Idol. I can very easily get sucked in and hooked on them, so rarely indulge.

Here are all the questions

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