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Moving Rapidly Through the TV Meme

Day 17 Favourite mini series
If by "mini series" you mean a complete adaptation of some novel or story rather than a continuing open-ended series, then I think I'd have to say The Jewel in the Crown. This was magnificently shot, populated by a wonderful array of characters, brilliantly acted by one of those seemly endless assortment of talented British character actors. Of course the material on which it was based is also superb, but I think this was one of those cases where the tv version almost equalled or even transcended the original (the only real exception, I think, is the first book, which was a compelling part of the series, but a much more "readerly" novel than it appears on the screen).

Day 18 Favourite title sequence
"Who is number one?"
"You are number six"
"What do you want?"
"You won't get it!"

And that marvellous bouncing white ball.

I'm referring, of course, to the original "The Prisoner" (let's draw a veil over the recent remake, shall we?)

Day 19 Favourite tv show cast
This is tricky. I am tempted to say Buffy or Firefly. Also Battlestar Galactica. None of these shows would have been as great as they were without the wonderful actors playing in them. But I think if I had to name one, it would be Friends. Every one of those central characters was brilliant, and every guest and returning character on that show was also brilliant. Can you think of anyone on Friends who really wasn't very good? I can't.

Day 20 Favourite kiss
Yeah, yeah, Buffy and Spike finally getting it on while a house falls down around them is fabulous. But you know what my absolute fave is? When Sidney and Vaughn finally kiss, about half way through season 2 of Alias, and there's been this longing for weeks and weeks and they're supposed to be a secret but they've nearly died and SD 6 is in pieces and you've been wanting them to finally get together for ages and they do.

Day 21 Favourite ship
See above. I think the Sidney/Vaughn relationship is fabulous, especially in the early seasons when it was real between Jennifer Garner and what's-his-name. I also really like Veronica Mars and ... um you know, the rich guy. Not the one she's with at the beginning, but the one she gets together with eventually though she's not supposed to.

Oh, and of course Buffy/Spike. Sorry Angel, you just don't make the cut.

Day 22 Favourite series finale

Call me a sentimental fool, but Friends.

Day 23 Most annoying character

Actually, don't shoot me, but I'm not digging Amy in the latest series of Doctor Who. I'm not sure exactly why, but I do find her annoying.

Also Gaius Baltar. I know he's meant to be annoying, but sometimes he's just too good at it.

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