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I loved my mother dearly, as I'm sure you can tell, but she had somewhat Victorian tastes in home decoration, and, because she was the senior member of the household, her tastes tended to influence the default decor in our house. I'm in the process of getting myself out from under what is effectively the tyranny of my mother's possessions - hundreds of books, shelves of china, knicknacks, boxes of scrapbook material, dozens of teddy bears and teddy bear related paraphernalia... The books are mostly staying, because I love them too. Many of the teds are staying because I cannot contemplate parting with them; those that I can and that are not valuable will go to a children's hospital. And so on. Anyway. Today, I struck a blow for independence. Her British, pre-war sensibilities had covered the sitting room window not only with a venetian blind that closes tight at night, but with a lacy net curtain over the top of that as a kind of modesty veil, that to me just collected dust and cut the light. So, today I took down the net curtains!! And you have no idea how much better the sitting room windows look. Or how good I feel :)

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