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Ten Day Meme Day One

This comes via [personal profile] mamculuna and I'm doing it because I like it better than the other ten day meme that's going the rounds

Day One: Ten things you want to do some day.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight qualities you think are awesome in other people.
Day Four: Seven (semi)interesting things you've pondered or thought about recently.
Day Five: Six things you are glad you did.
Day Six: Five books/movies/tv series/etc that you'd recommend
Day Seven: Four silly quirks
Day Eight: Three pet peeves
Day Nine: Two things for which you're proud of yourself.
Day Ten: One secret plan

Ten things you want to do some day.

1. Sail to the Galapagos Islands
2. Write a book
3. Sing in a choir. Particularly if it involved singing The Matthew Passion.
4. See dolphins in the wild
5. Become a much better photographer
6. Stop caring about things that happened in the past
7. Live somewhere with a view of water
8. Grow blue mecanopsis and get them to come back for more than one year.
9. Watch the sun rise or set over the Pyramids
10. Fall in love again.

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