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Because it's pretty cool:

Cloud of interests for intertextintertext

alan garner antonia forest arthurian romance barbara hambly bearded collies bloomsbury books bruce springsteen calvin and hobbes chickadees children's books children's literature classical music community colleges computers in education connie willis diana wynne jones digital photography dogs dorothy l sayers edward gorey emma bull fantasy novels flickr frans bruggen gardening gerard manley hopkins guy gavriel kay higher education illustrated books instructors jeanette winterson julie czerneda keats learning lois mcmaster bujold mabinogion mary stewart metafiction miles vorkosigan moomins movies mythology narnia nature old roses pamela dean patricia mckillip pedagogy peter dickinson photography postmodern fiction robin mckinley romantic poetry sea otters sf novels sheri tepper stan rogers steeleye span susan cooper sylvia engdahl tam lin teaching tintin tolkien trina schart hyman ursula k leguin ursula k. le guin vintage books writing

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