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The first erythronium out today in the forest (or at least that I have seen so far). A true sign of spring, indeed. For the botanically unannointed, these are aka dog-toothed violets (for reasons that are completely beyond me) and easter lilies (for more obvious reasons), though they are in fact neither violets nor lilies. Little white nodding lantern like flowers, very beautiful when seen growing en masse on the forest floor. Next weekend, I may do a photo expotition and then I can post a shot or two.

New in my garden this weekend: grape hyacinth. Unexciting, but a dependable spot of blue when needed. I have a nice little bunch of daffodils, narcissi, grape hyacinth and one bit of lunaria for bright pink in a vase in my sitting room.

I'm off out in the garden now to do some more work in my perennial bed (planted sweet peas yesterday), then KP is coming over for dinner (stir fry of pork with orange and thyme) and to watch Wallace and Gromit the movie on dvd.

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