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Travel update

Well, one small, limping literature instructor is going to be winging her way across the Atlantic precisely two weeks from today, almost to the hour as I write this. I'll be landing in London on May 17 and staying in the UK until the 30th. !!!!! Wow. This is about as far as I've got so far in terms of planning. I haven't heard back from all my various rellies yet, so don't know how much time will be consumed with family obligations. Having a place to stay is nice, but sometimes it's also nice to make one's own plans (for example, last time I was in England I spent one out of my precious 12 days visiting a garden center. Nice, but something I could do anytime in Canada, and it's not as if I could buy plants to bring home...) Anyway, thus far I'm thinking to spend about a week in London and a week travelling around East Anglia, primarily Essex, but this is subject to alterations depending on how much freedom I have (rather fancy the idea of a side trip to Warwickshire *grin*). One definite on the itinerary is an LJ meet-up in London, while oursin and owlfish are still there.

by the way... bounce bounce bounce!!

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