the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Further Travel Plans

Just so that you all can share in what my friend KP refers to as "vicarious travel excitement," here's what I've planned so far. A week in London - I'm booked for 17th to 24th. Then 2 days in Canterbury (it's that Chaucer blogge, set me thinking...). Then I think maybe Colchester and Norwich, but I still haven't heard back from one set of rellies, so the last part may change, we'll see. Anyway, for those thinking of meeting up for an LJ-fest in London, I have concert and theatre tickets booked for the 19th and the 23rd respectively, but otherwise am free and clear. Listen to me... "concert and theatre tickets booked" WHEEEEE!!!! (I'm so excited) And my passport arrived today. So IT'S HAPPENING!!!!

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