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Tired, but still happy

Many thanks to owlfish and gillo for helping to make yesterday another memorable day. It was terrific fun to meet you both...

I rose at an extremely early hour yesterday and went out for a walk in my neighbourhood, thence to Westminster Bridge. The sun was shining, miraculously, and if earth does perhaps have a few things as fair as the view from the Bridge, it was still pretty sublime in a very Wordsworthian way. I walked along the Embankment for a while, then back for a quick hotel pitstop before venturing up to Little Venice, where I managed to get myself lost (one of those almost inevitable London episodes where you turn the wrong way out of the underground exit). Eventually found the canal boats, and caught one for the ride to Camden Town, past lots of greenery, posh houses and the London Zoo. Thence to Southwark, where I met owlfish and gillo. After a delightful lunch, we wandered around Borough market, where owlfish bought her supper, then we went to Southwark cathedral and bounced up and down in front of John Gower's tomb (yay for Chaucer!!). Then we walked up to the Tate Modern past the Globe (catching a few Titus Andronicus extras stomping around with drums). I was by that time too tired to do anything but sit and chat, but my LJ friends were great company, of course and patient with my handicaps. Then owlfish had an important appointment, so we parted, and gillo and I went for a lovely dim sum supper in Soho. What an amazing day!

I'm planning a relatively quiet one today - think I'll seek out the Chelsea Physick garden and the museum of gardening, and see if I can get a ferry up the Thames between the two (seems probable). Plan to walk to the gardening museum through Hyde and St James' parks, just going slowly. I don't think it's actually raining, but it's cool and grey - good walking weather (hope my hip holds out).

More later, or tomorrow or the next day...

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