the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Great Japanese food, and other things

You're going to see a succession of short posts to catch up on details of my trip. I'm home now, but want to record some vignettes so I don't forget...

On my last night in London, I treated myself to supper in a Japanese restaurant. This one was off Regent's St, near Oxford Circus tube station, and was small and wonderful. (Called something like Chousou, I think). Everything was perfectly prepared and beautiful, and I think I had real wasabi for the first time. I've read that the wasabi you get here in Canada is usually not wasabi but horseradish. This wasabi blew the top of my head off (in a good way) and now I'm never going to be satisfied with the fake stuff again...

Judi Dench was fabulous. The play (Noel Coward, "Hay Fever") was a bit undistinguished, but the comic timing of all the actors and the sets and just being in that theatre (Theatre Royal, Haymarket) made all worth while.

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