the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Norwich was a little seedy

(apologies to any Norwich residents who may read this) - not my favourite place on this trip. The center was nice, where the cathedral is situated, but the city as a whole had a slightly edgy, slightly run-down feel. My rellies thought I was nuts, as my prime reason for going was to visit Juliana's church - not for any religious reason but because of the quotation in Four Quartets, and in pameladean's Secret Country books, and because she's credited with being one of the earliest women writers. The church and her little cell (restored, because the building was destroyed by a bomb in the war) and the little garden where Marjory Kemp is said to have gone to consult Juliana were lovely. As was the little dog, Luke.
Tags: england, norwich, st. juliana, trip

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