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The week that was

It was a busy week; I had two DE workshops, and as a result this was the most active I've been in my job for quite a while. The workshops went well, I think, despite the ongoing frustration that the IT people at my college are not keeping up with the needs or wishes of their clients. It's difficult to spend nearly 2 hours selling the benefits of Moodle as a Learning Management System and then not to be sure that the participants of the workshop will be able to get accounts on the version of Moodle that I know to exist on the college server...

I also spent quite a while working on updates for the English page on the Arts and Science section of the college website, and starting my pet project which is to create for college English some equivalent to the Web English Teacher (which is aimed at k-12).

My hip is hurting quite a bit, but I'll try and rest somewhat over the weekend. I see my orthopedic surgeon on Monday, and, as mentioned in a previous post, surgery is now not too far off. Can't wait.
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