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Food thoughts

I made left-over soup today. This consists of using up the last of the salad leaves, and some wilted celery and tired "baby carrots" and whatever herbs I can find (parsley, basil, "fines herbes" etc) This is cooked in some stock and then whizzed with my handy hand blender. Today I added a dollop of buttermilk, which was suprisingly good. While doing this, I was struck with the following thoughts:

1. wondering why so many people on my flist are "foodies" as well as having the immediate interests that attracted me to their blogs in the first place. I'm one, too, though perhaps not as passionately as some.

2. wondering why groceries can't make small clamshells of salad leaves. I buy clamshells, despite usually being philosophically opposed to such things, largely because the leaves are usually nicer, fresher and more varied than the ones in the open "bulk" section of the grocery. But I inevitably get some - even quite a lot - left over, and would prefer to buy half as much at a time even though I eat quite a bit of salad. And, before you ask, my home grown isn't quite ready yet!

3. in a related vein, wondering why buttermilk doesn't come in a 250 ml carton, only in a 500 ml. The reason I buy it, usually, is to make salad dressing or creme freche with. Again, inevitably, I get lots left over, and it doesn't keep forever, and I can't make chocolate cake or buttermilk biscuits for myself every time I want creamy salad dressing (which is often)

4. my hand blender is DEFINITELY my favourite of favourite gadgets, that I would not be without. I eat a lot of soup, and make my own breakfast smoothies - that's probably why I love my hand blender and use it almost every day.
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