the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Weekend Pursuits

It was a gathering of the girlfriends this weekend as my two closest friends and I met for a these-days rare get-together. KP and MKB and MKB's father and I first went out to the Organic festival and show and wandered about in the horticultural center nibbling on samples of tofu and organic coffee and chocolate (not me, but everyone else) and cheese, and admired the flowers and watched turkey vultures wheeling overhead. Then we dropped off MKB's dad and I went home and fed the hounds and the three of us met at KP's and we ate ground-nut stew that KP had cooked and fingerling zuchinnis that I supplied and drank beer. Then we went into town and drank decaf mochas and watched the folk-fest and pre-World-cup crowds for a while. This morning, KP and MKB went out for breakfast, then came up to watch the end of the World cup with me while I supplied some soup and we ogled the sexy soccer players and they consulted on my redecorating plans and admired my garden. So a cheerful time was had by all.

Meanwhile, PAIN is becoming a major factor in my life. It's a permanent dull roar, punctuated by shrieks at odd moments, and I don't get any relief at all. I'm tempted to hold up a pharmacy for some real drugs. Aargh. Oh well - only about three weeks to go. But boy, I wish I could sleep for more than about an hour without being woken up...

Anyway, this evening, I have the two-part season finale of Buffy III, which I'm looking forward to no-end. Spikey-poo's face is on the disk, so one assumes he will appear in "Graduation Day"... Can't wait.

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