the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

A Tale of Two Salespeople

I decided that a new pair of Birkenstocks would be just the job for post surgery. I'm not to be allowed to bend at the waist, apparently, and Birks have the advantage of slipping on and staying on, also can be worn with and without socks. So. Salesclerk 1, and shop 1, where I had bought some trendy Japanese shoes a couple of months ago before my trip to England. She remembered me, and the shoes, and asked me how I was doing in them. She advised against the nubuck suede that I had been thinking about in Birks, suggesting that they might not give as much support, and was generally just sweet and helpful, but not high pressure. Unfortunately, having given up on nubuck suede, I decided on black leather, which of course they didn't have in stock but did have on order. I did try the leather ones in another colour, and we established that they felt great, so I knew exactly what size and shape I wanted. She offered to take my name and phone me when they came in. I said I would try at another store, as I was anxious to get them sooner rather than later if I could, but would phone if I needed to.

Salesclerk 2, shop 2. They didn't have black leather, but they did have the nubuck suede that I had wanted originally, so I decided to try it. Whether it was because of the material, or because he (and I suspect the gender here is significant)had given me a wider fitting, these just didn't feel as secure as the leather ones. He didn't believe me. No no, he says. It's nothing to do with the uppers, it's the sole that counts with Birkenstocks. And you should buy them NOW, or you might get plantar fasciitis (or however you spell it) from wearing them too much when you do get them. No understanding about the different quality of the two materials. Even going so far as to imply that I was exaggerating the problem of bending, saying that he'd known several people who'd been through hip surgery... so have I, BUSTER, and you definitely are NOT allowed to bend at the waist!! Anyway, I was perfectly polite and just told him I couldn't make up my mind and maybe I'd go back later.

Then I went back to Shop 1 and told clerk 1 what a sweetie she was and what a difference it made dealing with her instead of an arrogant so and so who was desperate to make a sale, and put in my order for my black leather Birkenstocks.

My friend KP said that, though I rewarded the nice clerk, it would be more helpful in the greater scheme of things NOT to be polite to the arrogant so and so, but to tell him in no uncertain terms why he would be the LAST person I would buy anything from, evah. But we just don't do that, do we, except in "don't you wish you'd said" kind of conversations...

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