the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog


I had my nice yardwork guy in this morning to trim shrubs and trees and he cut my grass, too, which was nice, so the outside of my house is looking relatively respectable.

Not so the indoors, which I'm beginning to despair of ever getting under control. Really, it's getting there, but it's at that stage where every move of one thing seems to require three of something else and I have books piled up in every available corner and in the middle of the hall where I and the dogs trip over them. Then, tomorrow, I'm having a charity come to haul away some furniture and I realized that one of the piles of books would impede the removal of one of the pieces of furniture, so now I'm having to move one of the piles of books, which means moving a bunch of other stuff in order to find somewhere to put it... urgh. And all this while unable to put full weight on one leg and having to sit down every five minutes and the blasted thing aching all the time. I feel like one of those dreadful survival stories where some pioneer person built a cabin and killed a bear and skinned it, all while having a leg broken in three places. Well, it's probably not _quite_ that bad, but I'm sure you get the picture.

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