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Victoria finally catches up with the rest of the world. It seemed like almost everyone on my Flist, except the Aussies and lilyfriend, benjieblue and globalfruitbat (for obvious reasons) have been complaining about the heat. We out here in the Isles of the Blessed have been basking in temperate climes. Until now, that is. Now it's too damned hot. Oh well, I'm sure we get scant sympathy from the rest of you.

Meanwhile, my home renovations continue apace. At a pace somewhat slower than before (because of the heat) but I'm definitely getting there. The living room and dining room are pretty much done; I just have the pleasurable task now of shuffling books around to their various places. I've decided the bulk of my mother's and my children's book collection will go in the study along with true reference books (books about books, literature, writing, theory etc, and computer books). Literature, novels, poetry, general non-fiction and coffee-table books will go in the living room. Cookbooks (of which I have quite a large number), gardening books (ditto), photography and maybe dog books to go in dining room, along with one shelf full of the fine collectable books because the only bookshelf with doors is in there (it's bolted to the wall - it's an Ikea shelf which I had a hell of a job building because of the doors and don't fancy dismantling and rebuilding anywhere else). Comfort reading (Mercedes Lackey, Georgette Heyer, Rosamund Pilcher et al) and other real old favourites will go on two shelves in my bedroom. Phew. Did I say I have a lot of books?
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