the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Hip Op minus four days

(by the way, I'm not counting today, or the day of my op, but by my calculations I have four full days left in which to prepare...)

Was called this morning at just after 8 am by someone at my surgeon's office asking me to go in for an x-ray. Apparently I missed this handy little step during the initial process. Well, I didn't, actually, but the diagnostic x-ray I had at the hospital is digital, and apparently he needs a film one to use when working. So off I went this afternoon to do that. The technician was most solicitous and asked me if my hip hurt at all (well, duh).

Meanwhile I'm still trying to finish tidying and clearing my house, largely so that there will be a room to put someone if I need to have someone stay with me later. I'm staying with kp for a while after I get out of hospital, but mkb might stay over a night or two when I first come home alone.

My Birks came in, so I went downtown and bought them, and I'll have them to wear when I get out of hospital. It will be so much easier to have shoes that I won't have to do up, but they insist on you having shoes with backs and tops in the hospital. Rats. I also purchased an adapter for my ipod, then realized afterwards that there probably won't be anywhere that I'll be allowed to plug it in in the hospital, or will be able to reach, anyway, but it will come in handy I'm sure, so no worries.

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