the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Hip Op Minus 2 (!!) days

Eek. I'm getting nervous now. Well, I was before, to be honest. But I'm REALLY nervous now. It's really going to happen, unless something unforeseen occurs.

I've spent the last few days it seems having tests. No less than two sets of x-rays, and yesterday I had about fifteen vials of blood drawn and answered a long set of questions - worse than a meme! "Have you ever been an intravenous drug user; have you ever slept with anyone who was an intravenous drug user; in the last 6 months have you visited anywhere where there is malaria..." (this is all because I'm actually donating the chunk of hip that they're removing to make way for the bionic one, so they have to screen with as much care as if I were donating blood)

Poor kp has an abscess tooth, and is going to have to deal with this before having me descend on her at the end of the week. She's going to the dentist on Monday, so with any luck she'll get some antibiotics and will be feeling better before she has to cope with me. I feel bad, but what can I do? In my class, I was one of only two people who didn't have spouses or helpful children or other family members... it's a bit lonely at times like this being completely on your own. When they asked me who my next of kin were, I didn't have any. Ick. oh well - let's cut the self pity and carry on. Realistically, things wouldn't have been any better if my mum had still been alive; in fact, it would have been more difficult, because I would have had to make arrangements for care for HER as well as for me.

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