the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Last Day Before Surgery

Well, I am quite nervous, but have some sense of excitement, too, and anticipation. The next couple of weeks will be the most rest I've had for ... probably years. The prospect of doing absolutely nothing but lying about reading, playing my ipod, playing my gameboy (hee hee), chatting to friends, watching the world go by, is actually quite appealing. kp doesn't have a tv, so I won't even have that. When I get home I'll have classes to prepare and Season 5 of Buffy to watch, but my house is organized,, dogs will still be looked after, so there won't be the constant demands on my time that I've had in the past years.

And when my hip is healed, I'll be striding through the forests of British Columbia ... (no that's a lumberjack... but you get the idea)

Wish me luck!

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