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The Bionic Woman Returns

Well, (as someone said once or twice), I'm back! And better than before!! The surgery went amazingly well, better than I had imagined possible, really. I was allowed out in more or less record time - on the morning of the third day after surgery - and the only reasons I haven't posted here yet are a) it was a while before we could set up a comfortable spot for me to use my computer, and b) I still get quite tired, and I was finding that after catching up with all my flist reading and personal correspondence I was too tired to write a long post. Anyway, I may still make this a two-parter, but here are some highlights:

Day 1: The grace note on the day of the surgery was a nurse in surgical day care who did a reiki treatment on me. She picked up my stress level which was not so much for my own surgery but lingering emotion from the fact that the last lengthy time I had been in that hospital was for my mother's last illness and the fact that I was going to end up on the same ward where my mother spent two weeks last summer and I was afraid of meeting nurses I had met then (I didn't, in the event). The surgery itself went quickly; a spinal anaesthetic minimized nausea and after-effects. kp came in to find me surprisingly chipper that evening.

Day 2: In which I discover that I would make a lousy drug addict. My spinal wore off, and I was in a lot of pain overnight. I can't take morpheine, but was given delaudid, a morpheine derivative. It doesn't really work for me, except in doses that make me quite sick. So day 2, although mostly I was pretty bright, and I was able to stand up and sit up for lunch, I spent much of the time barfing, which wasn't fun. Eventually they took me off the self-administered intravenous drug feeder thing and put me on the drug by mouth which was less effective but the sickness wore off, and in any case the pain miraculously diminished. benjyblue came in to visit, to my great delight, bringing a bright bunch of flowers and her charming daughter and young friend. kp came in as well, and b and j later that evening, so I was well served.

Day 3: Highlight was walking to bathroom and back. Three times! Then out for toddle in hallway. Told I could go home the next day. Visits from kp and b and j again.

Day 4: I had a shower, which was wonderful, and was taught how to manage stairs, then discharged...

The story will continue :)

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