the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

A Room With A View

As anyone in Victoria knows, waterfront Dallas Road is probably the ideal location to sit and watch the world go by and is of course an ideal place to recuperate after hip surgery. I was released on Aug 4, three days after the surgery, and my neighbour Evi picked me up and drove me down to kp's establishment. She owns a large house in said location which she runs, as she says, as a B&B without the B: short term rentals for visitors, self-catering, and she lives in one downstairs flat with a bay window overlooking the West end of Beacon Hill park and the Breakwater.

My daily routine quickly soon evolved to getting up slowly, then after breakfast doing my exercises and shooting myself in the stomach with rat poison (this is warfarin - I'm on a blood thinner in case of clotting), dressing, sitting, if fine moving out to porch for lunch, moving back indoors for afternoon exercises, short rest, supper, more sitting, then bed. Gradually this became supplemented with short walks and a little computer time, but basically that was about as much as I could do. A shower on one morning made me so tired I had to have a nap in the afternoon!

At the end of the week I went to my first outpatient physio appointment and was pronounced fit to graduate to a cane instead of a walker. Yay!!! That morning, mkb, who was visiting from Vancouver, took me home to suss things out, and we began preparations for the great Migration...

To be continued.

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