the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Dulce Domum

Well, on Friday I made the great move home. Unfortunately, I was feeling slightly below par, over-tired after two bad nights and upset by a somewhat brusque GP who took out staples (yes, staples, 14 of them to be precise) in the morning. Notwithstanding, mkb ferried me, Clio the cat, and all our clobber up to my house and unloaded us and it and helped me get sorted and then helped me make supper, after which I was really too tired to think.

However, the heading of this post is somewhat appropriate, as mkb said I was just like Mole, going around my little house so happy to be home. It was the first time I'd returned to it after I'd done all my rearrangements and made it really mine, and it felt lovely coming home. My house is tiny, but very convenient for someone somewhat handicapped. I couldn't really come home until able to walk with a cane, as it was impossible to carry anything from one room to the next without having at least one hand free, but once I was able to do that this house is very easy to manage.

Now I'm sitting in my sunny dining room overlooking the deck, where I sat this morning to drink my coffee. I don't have kp's spectacular views, but I do have my garden with the sweetpeas blooming and the roses in their second wind and my silly hummingbird buzzing around. I still don't have the doggies, as I feel a little uncertain about being able to manage two large exuberant hounds just yet, but I will soon, I'm sure, as I miss them terribly. And of course I have my books and my music (and some of Season 5 of Buffy!) so am content.

PS - thank you all for your cheery comments and good thoughts!

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