the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Just a Bit Tired Today

Don't get me wrong - I'm doing fine, but the novelty of having survived the op, and the day to day adventure of learning how to manage is beginning to wear off. I'm so tired of not being able to do up my shoes or turn over easily in bed or pick something up off the floor...

However. Check up with surgeon the other day went well, and he's cleared me to drive next week, which is a big plus. Don't think I will until I'm off the warfarin, though, which I think is making me feel a bit low, too. Apparently the side effects include dizziness and breathlessness, which I'm feeling a bit, more than I can put down to just weakness after the op; I only have five more days on it, but I'll ask my physiotherapist tomorrow if she thinks it might be safe to just stop it a bit early (somehow I think I'm past the risk period for dvt's).

On the plus side, my walking this morning felt a lot stronger and more normal and exercises are getting easier - of course, tomorrow the physiotherapist will no doubt load me up with a slew of new ones! No rest for the wicked, hee hee.

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