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Weekend pleasures

Went with Kathy to "Gorge on Art," which was a delightful event where many artists and artisans exhibited their wares all along the Gorge waterfront (for those who are not familiar with Victoria, The Gorge is an inland waterway which has fairly recently been cleaned up and gentrified). The weather cooperated and there were enough people to keep the exhibitors happy without it being so crowded as to be uncomfortable. There was an all girl country band playing at one end and a string trio playing Mozart or some such at the other. There were booths selling samosas, icecreams and other tasty snacks at useful intervals, people had dogs on leashes, ducks and geese were floating by on the water while picturesque clouds billowed overhead. It was lovely. And the art itself ranged from the pale watercolours and kitschy pots a cynic might expect to some really good stuff. My friend Linny had some bright acrylics reflecting her garden. One photographer was truly inspiring; I think I might take a workshop from her in September...

Today I pulled more bindweed from out of clem tangutica

Am making roast chicken with fennel and new potatoes for supper :)
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