the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Get a Hip Replacement: Get in Shape!

Just back from my afternoon constitutional. Still not very far, but I'm getting stronger and the exercises are getting easier every day. Physiotherapy is tough but useful. Did you know that you have not one but three different kinds of glutinous (edit: I meant gluteous, of course, though no doubt mine are in fact glutinous, that's why I have to exercise them. I think I'm going to be Mrs. Malaprop when I grow up) muscles in your hips and buttocks and the glutinous maximus (the ones in your bum) are actually the least of your worries in this instance? The glute minimus and the glute something or other else are on the side of your hip and those are the ones that help you stand up straight and not tilt your hip over sideways when you walk (those are what you shimmy when you strut like a model on a catwalk). Those are also what the surgeon slices through when you have a hip replacement, so it's important that they be strong before and that you get them back afterwards or you may walk with a limp forever afterwards. I do hip abductions, standing and lying, now, 3 sets of ten in the morning and as many as I can in the afternoon. Later, I'll do sideways leg lifts and clamshell raises...

I've lost weight again. Not that I actually needed to (I think I can in all honesty describe myself as thin now), but I think it's all this working out. The other neat thing is that my back and bum have gone straight again, where before the surgery I was walking all the time with my bum sticking out like an aging and decrepit ballerina.

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