the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Another Milestone: No More Rat Poison!

I gave myself my last warfarin injection this morning, for which relief much thanks. I really would make a lousy drug addict - there was something about stabbing myself in the stomach with a hypodermic that I really disliked (I wonder why!!). And the warfarin, as I mentioned, has been lowering my blood pressure and making me feel slightly dizzy and a titch asthmatic. I'm so glad that's one less thing now.

In other news, I took Robinson in the car this morning down to Dallas Rd for a run. It was the one place I could easily go and let him out and throw his ball for him. Cholomondeley stayed home; at thirteen, he really doesn't need the heavy exercise his younger nephew still requires, and it's easier for me to handle one dog than two. As it was, I was a bit wobbly with Robs, but we managed okay. I think I'll book a walker for them two or three times a week, though, especially in a week or so when I'm going to have to start going in to the college again.

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