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I've reached the episodes in Series 5 where her mother dies. (Surely this isn't a spoiler for anyone, is it? Even I knew this was going to happen...). For obvious reasons, I'm finding these hard to watch. Maybe the hardest were the earlier ones where she was in hospital having tests, because that was SO much what happened to me and my mum. But last night I watched "The Body" and - boy - was that tough. That's what's so amazing about this show - the emotional truth under all the jazz and silliness. I don't think I've seen anything so absolutely right, since the cancer arc in ThirtySomething (except Michael Rosen's Sad Book, which is in a class by itself). Anya's outburst had me with tears just pouring down my face. And Dawn saying "Where has she gone?"... I think I would read a computer instruction manual if Joss Whedon wrote it.

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