the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Sometimes it pays to rant!

Wow. I can't believe I just won a battle with faceless bureaucracy. The telephone company, no less! My mum, being the old fashioned sort, had for years continued to pay rental for old telephone equipment. Well, seeing as I was paying $13.00 per month for two phones that probably each was only worth about $25, I thought this was a waste of money and decided to ditch them. I wanted wireless ones, anyway. So I went through the official process you have to go through to return rental equipment (you put them in a box with a copy of a phone bill, take them to the post office, get a waybill, the po then returns them to the phone company. theoretically). Two months later, the rental charge is still showing up on my phone bill. So lengthy email correspondence ensued, which ended yesterday with them reporting that no record existed of the phones ever having been returned, and could I provide them with the receipt number canada post gave me... Well, what are the chances that two months later I still have the receipt (memo - if you ever do this, keep the receipt!) Anyway, this morning I called the company, ranted mildly, mostly to the effect that what the heck was I supposed to do as I couldn't keep paying $13 per month for phones I no longer possessed and that probably were only worth about $25 anyway and could I just pay them off or something. Well, they caved instantly and agreed to just write them off!!! Of course, the proof will be in the next bill, but at least for today, I can celebrate :)

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