the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Garden notes

My garden is looking amazingly lovely at the moment, amazing considering the neglect it's been suffering due to my inability to do much beyond pinch a few dead heads off from time to time and the almost complete lack of rain we've had for the last month. I have a beautiful patch of rudbeckia, complemented by echinacia and some gooseneck loosestrife and of course the faithful centranthus in red and white in the perennial bed, as well as some lobelia syphaliticus (unfortunately named for the belief that it cured that affliction, but a lovely tall spiky pale blue flower). The sweet peas are beginning to fade a little but are still quite lovely and in the sunny slope there's the most spectacular show of cosmos interlaced with nasturtium. I love to sit in my adirondack chair, surrounded by cosmos, while the dogs snuffle around and the birds chirp. Paradise.

The nuthatches were back this morning, too, which was a thrill.

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