the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Just because...

...I'm procrastinating again. I still have quite a number of online papers to mark and I really loathe marking, so I'm doing anything to keep myself from biting the bullet. I think my students would be amused if they knew how bad my work habits are. They find me amusing, anyway (in a fairly fond way, I think). Yesterday, I cracked up in the early lit survey course because I was reading a Spenser sonnet out loud and it was so silly - one of those Petrarchan ones with all the comparisons with flowers. I just got the giggles and had to stop reading. They all dissolved in laughter too.

I'm so happy about the US election results. One black spot is that the three senators from somewhere-or-other who are advocating loudly for an armed border or a wall or something got re-elected, but otherwise the results are immensely cheering. Yay democrats.

I only have the final episode of Buffy to watch now, and I've been putting it off, but I have to watch it tonight or tomorrow because the dvd is due back on Friday. What will I do without Buffy? I'll be bereft. I think I'm going to buy myself the whole lot for Christmas, so I may just start watching it again from the beginning.

I'm reading Melusine and quite enjoying it. It reminds me just somewhat of the Jaqueline Carey Kushiel series but I quite liked those so it seems promising. I haven't got very far with it so far. Just finished Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys, which I loved. I'll have to do a proper book review entry when I'm not just twiddling, because I've read quite a few things in the past month or so.

I think I really should go and do some work now.

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