the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

In which...

it is determined that bush-tits will eat Brazil nuts if nothing else is on offer, and that chickadees obviously scope out what the bush-tits are doing and if they think it's something interesting come to investigate. I am out of peanuts and dislike brazil nuts so put the ones I'd been removing from my "mixed nuts" jar in the peanut feeder. No sooner did a flurry of bush-tits - so much like flying tadpoles - converge on the feeder than a chickadee, who had been conspicuously absent for days, came to see what the fuss was about. I love small cheery birds.

I am grumpy because I wanted to watch Prime Suspect last night and for whatever reason the reception was so abominable that I couldn't. I have _cable_ for heaven's sake! It's not supposed to be affected by a high wind, but seemed to be nonetheless. And it wasn't that I have water in my cable outlet or something because, needless to say, almost every other channel was okay. I could have watched Desperate Housewives, but didn't want to. Luckily it's repeated sometime during the week, but I need to set the tape today or I'm bound to forget and be annoyed all over again.

I am also grumpy because it's been raining and wind-ing non stop for days and I want to take the dogs out but they get wet and miserable, and I get cold and miserable (I don't get wet because I am well stocked with powerful rain-gear)

I am, however, looking foward to having dinner this evening with my friend dr whom I haven't seen for over a year (she's been on a year-long sailing expedition with her husband).

I must, therefore, remember to tape Dr Who and Heroes.

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