the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Treating myself

I bought a new camera on Friday. It was an indulgence, but I have been saving up for it, and I've been having a tough go of it this past few months - no, I'm not going to talk about that in here, but take my word for it! So I think I deserve it, and I'm going to enjoy spending the rest of the summer playing with it. Here's a sample - my cat Clio (named after the muse of History, not the Disney character, who in any case spells it differently).

She thinks I've put far too many pictures of Those Horrible Hairy Creatures in here - she knows, anyway that she's vastly superior to them; can't you tell?

This afternoon (being Sunday) I'm going to plant phase three lettuces and other salad greens and probably pull more weeds. A nice veal casserole, with tarragon and lemon, is simmering in the slow cooker so as not to have the oven on (summer has finally arrived in what has so far been cool and grey Victoria) and will be eaten with new potatoes and asparagus later. I'm reading HP6 slowly, with pleasure so far.
Tags: camera, cat, clio, photography

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