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Snow Day!

Snow Day!
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This is the scene outside my balcony door this morning. I should have realized when it was dead quiet when I woke up this morning. It snowed heavily yesterday, and even more overnight. There's about a foot or more of snow on the ground, and more expected. As a result, Victoria is blanketed in more snow than we've seen since "the blizzard of '96" - hey, what is it with years ending in 6? What's especially unusual is that we "never" (what, never? well, hardly ever) get snow in November. Our usual time for falls like this is January or late December, often right after Christmas. Of course the schools are all closed, nor are the buses running. This is Victoria, we don't get snow; therefore, we don't have adequate snow-clearing equipment. Oh well, the dogs love it. And secretly, I do to, except I don't like to have to shovel it :) At least I don't have to go to work this morning!


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