the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Evening Walk

When I walked around the corner of the washroom building at Topaz Park, there were two llamas tied to the bicycle rack.

The dogs ignored them, but they seemed interested in the dogs. They were obviously destined to be playing camels in a nativity play, as both had fake humps hanging at somewhat rakish angles under their tummies.

I have discovered that I enjoy my after-work walk in the dark with the dogs. It's quiet and peaceful (despite encounters with llamas) and you get striking whiffs of people's dinners as you cross the park. I carry a Maglight in my pocket so that I can see the dog poop when I need to pick it up. I often meet other dog walkers. Someone could be a serial axe murderer and I would greet him or her cheerfully if he or she was accompanied by a dog.

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