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Courtesy of oursin, I have to list 10 things that I like beginning with the letter "D." If you would like a letter, just ask, and you shall receive.

I thought it would be easy, but it was surprisingly difficult. I dislike dahlias and Dostoevsky, despise Wordsworth's "Daffodils" (though not the flowers themselves), detest Dorothea Brooke, and don't think a great deal of Dickens or Dracula. However, I do like

Dogs Of course. Not just beardies, but all dogs except maybe pitbulls, but even they can be sweet. I love them because they are absolutely honest. And just ... nice. Not all that rot about "unconditional love," but because it takes so little to make them happy: a stick, a walk (anywhere), your company.

Dorothy Dunnett. Oh, Francis. Ah, Phillippa. I'm enjoying the Lymond chronicles all over again vicariously because ladyofastolat is reading them and loving them. I also liked King Hereafter and even one or two of her mysteries. What did we do without it? I am, unsurprisingly, "intertext" on, in case anyone's interested in looking up all my links about college composition and deconstruction and Buffy.

Diana Wynne Jones (I know, cheating a bit, but Dorothy Dunnett was two, so I can get away with it). Probably my favourite children's writer in the world. She knocks the socks off ... you know who (she who must not be named). None of her books is unreadable, and some are absolutely magnificent. Like Fire and Hemlock.

Dachshunds See under dogs. But I also have a soft spot for this particular breed because we had one when I was a child and she was the sweetest dog ever. And they are...

daft (see also daftness). I like that word, and I like the concept. Silliness. Giggles. Slightly off centre. Cheery, like chickadees.

John Dowland I love lute music, and his is wonderful. I'm enjoying him all over again in the surprising recording by Sting. Listen to "Fields of Gold" done in the style of Dowland - it's gorgeous.

"Dover Beach" "Ah, love, let us be true to one another!"... Sigh. It's just one of the most beautiful poems in the whole world, and it doesn't matter how many times I teach it, I still love it.

John Donne He of the long fingers. Wicked, in every contemporary sense of the word.

and finally... the Doctor who? Doctor Who, of course. Tom Baker is still, for me, the definitive, but I liked Christopher Eccleston a lot, and quite like the current one. But I just love the - you know, daftness, of the series.
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