the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Clever New Procrastination Technique

In order to avoid marking, I have decided to rearrange my Whole House. Well, not quite, just two rooms. I've been rattling around in the "master bedroom" of my house, and my study, the second bedroom, is too small for my books, photography equipment, computer paraphernalia etc etc. Also, the "study" is at the back of the house and is quieter. It overlooks the garden and thus it will be possible to watch birds and see my roses while I'm drinking tea in bed. Also I won't have to worry about having my window open at night, because the window isn't right next to the front door as the other one is. So I've decided to turn the master bedroom into my study/spare room and the "study" into my bedroom. This could, of course, wait until next week or even after Christmas, but it's much more fun doing it now when I should be marking. Hee hee.

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