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Merry Christmas to all

I put up my tree last night - I managed to score a not-too-big "real" one, and have put only my favourite ornaments on it. I only cried once while decorating it, which I consider an achievement. All in all, this time is a lot less painful than I thought it would be; last Christmas was awful, but this one bodes well. mkb is flying over from Vancouver this morning, and we have both been invited for a Christmas Eve dinner at a friend of hers whom I also know. Tomorrow, I'm cooking dinner, and no doubt we'll phone kp. Also, I'm going to brunch with B&J. I'm so lucky having good friends. mkb and kp are like my sisters; b & J have been like cousins or something. I've finished the rearrangements in my house, and it's very satisfactory. And I'm writing this on my - very extravagant - Christmas prezzie to myself: a brand new MacBook! It is so beautiful; I love it.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my LJ friends, old and new, those I've met or know in "real life" and those whom I only know here but would like to meet some day, the happiest and most peaceful "holiday" (psst, Christmas) time. Blessings on your heads, hands, and feet.

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