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My Bestest Presents

From kp, The Eyewitness Guide to Paris. From mkb, a Moleskin City Notebook for Paris. (Guess where I'm going on my holiday next - almost this -year?)

Also a really pretty bead bracelet, and a tin of "After Shakespeare" mints. And Emily Carr's book about her dogs. And - two! - wooly hats. One plain blue wool, and the other a very classy soft purply blue sort of furry one.

Dinner was wonderful - nothing fancy, just plain traditional roast turkey and brussels sprouts with some ground nutmeg on them and roast potatoes and a lovely salad with pears and goat cheese and toasted pecans that mkb made, and some raspberries from my garden and some blueberries from a farm that I'd had in the freezer, with creme fraiche. And a spanish sparkling wine.

It was a lovely day. And so to bed.

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