the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Contributing to the Economy

So I joined the thronging masses of boxing day shoppers and did my bit for the local economy (well, that's one excuse). I met a couple of friends downtown, and we shopped and had lunch at the Cafe Vieux Montreal and shopped some more. I bought no less than two pairs of shoes, two turtlenecks, one lambswool cardigan and a couple of books (the new Ian Rankin and the Alice Sheldon biography, both 30% off). Oh, and I got a couple of calendars, already 50% off: a beardie one for home and a garden one for my office at the college.

On the way home I considered braving Futureshop but found it too much of a zoo and decided to wait until later to seek out geeky pleasures. My new Mac needs some software to make it happy - I need a Mac version of Photoshop and possibly Office for Mac. I balk at Office, but so much of my work related files are done on Word, not to mention what my students send me. I can also consider doing some online cruising for bargains.

Then I came home and ate cold turkey and left-over salad and watched "The Devil Wears Prada" on dvd, which was silly but entertaining.

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