the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Drawing Breath

It's been all work all the time this week as I scurried and flurried to get things ready for my four classes - three sections of 160, one online, and 286 online. All look pretty good. 286 online seems particularly promising, as there's a jolly crew of familiar faces from previous classes, including my friend superfoo, which will be fun. An online lit class is always a somewhat risky venture as you never know how well the discussion fora will work, but I've got them in both discussion boards in WebCt and in LJ, so hopefully that gives them lots of opportunity for reflection and sharing ideas. Hopefully.

Somewhat ironically following up on a filtered conversation on owlfish's blog about discipline, I had to sit down - hard - on a group of giggly girls in the very first of one of my 160 "real life" classes. Then there were two girls with laptops, one of whom was reading her MySpace while in class. I called her on it (in a relatively nice way) and she had the grace to email me later and apologize. It's actually a while since I've taught 1st year students in "real life" so to speak, and I notice the difference in maturity level and attitude. sigh. Oh well. This year has been all about returning to form with preparation and energy and ideas and dynamism, so let's pull out all the bells and whistles and blow those little slackers away, ha ha.

But this week has been working till ten or later at night and getting up at six in the morning, AND it snowed yesterday, so, like Eveline, I'm tired. But I'm all prepped for today, and apart from a deadly department meet thing tomorrow I've got the weekend to get caught up then it should be more plain sailing. Term Ho!

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