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Between the Lines

A reading and thinking log

the last visible dog
28 January
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Literature fiend, college teacher, web-based education specialist, amateur photographer, book and music lover, movie trivia buff, gardener and admirer of nature, I share my household with a very young bearded collie puppy, a tabby cat and a siamese cat, not to mention the zillions of books, cds and dvds that feed the before-mentioned habits.

Friend Policy: As my flist grows, and I find myself (to my astonishment) attracting one or two unsolicited friends, I feel moved to publicize my vague "rules" about this. I'm usually pleased and flattered to be friended. Because I take my flist fairly seriously, I will only friend you back if you write things that interest me and/or we have many interests or other friends in common. If you know me in RL, please do not link to this journal using my real name. This is a pseudonymous journal, and, while I recognize that blogging means "it's out there for anyone to read," obviously I'm making a certain effort not to be immediately recognized. Present or past students who stumble across this unofficial blog should ask before friending me. I won't friend you back while I know you to be a current student; I may friend you later if you write things that interest me. Even then, you can expect to be filtered out in any postings including sensitive material about my workplace. I am on Facebook and will friend RL students there.