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A Good Day

I think my paper went well. No one actually booed or threw things or said "well your thesis is fundamentally flawed." The audience was small but appreciative and I exchanged cards with several people afterwards and we're all thinking about writing about how fan fiction needs to be addressed from a feminist point of view as well as the intertextual stuff.

In the morning, before my panel, I went to an amazing panel led by this visionary college english teacher bringing undergraduates to critical thinking and literary analysis through Harry Potter. The three panelists were all undergraduates and they were all quite stunningly good. I was enraptured, and want to contact her after this and get ideas and lesson plans and maybe set up some kind of collaboration.

This afternoon was the Buffy round table, which was great fun. We all talked about how awesome Buffy is and why and it spoke to the whole lack of respect for SF thing. Battlestar Galactica and Buffy and others of their ilk are among the best things EVAH on TV, yet they don't get recognized or treated with respect outside of the field of "popular culture" (or LJ) and they should.

Then I went and bought four books and ordered another - one about Alias, and one about Buffy and one about The Lord of the Rings and one... believe it or not ... about Jeanette Winterson.

Then I went out for dinner with the Buffy/Vampire people and then for drinks after that, so if I'm sounding a wee bit incoherent right now you can chalk it up to all the Scotch I've been drinking (I think I'm moving away from Gin and towards Scotch... or maybe I'm just becoming really hardcore).

Tomorrow is tourist day, ending with the SF group's presentation of the Director's Cut of Bladerunner and discussion, and probably more drinking. Fun fun fun.

Hey, Lady!

This is the first time I have been addressed as "lady." Maybe I haven't been travelling in the right (or wrong) places, but I feel like a character in a 1940's movie. I'm not quite sure why.

I'm having fun. People are nice. The papers have mostly been interesting. There was one, about Pan's Labyrinth, that really excited me, and I didn't get a chance to catch the speaker afterwards. She was talking about intertextuality in a lot of the same ways as I do, but using the term hypertextuality, which of course makes a lot of sense as a metaphor. When someone asked her how that was different from Bakhtin's theory of dialogism she couldn't really say, but I piped up and suggested that it might be because they were more intentional and less open to interpretation from the reader. I hope no one thought that was a stupid remark, because that's basically a lot of what I'm going to be saying tomorrow.

I went to a Tolkien panel this morning that was really good, and a Buffy panel 1/3 of which was good, and a Fairy tale panel (that included the Pan's Labyrinth one) that was wonderful. Three absolutely beautiful young women, all from the University of Hawaii and there must be something in the water there because all their presentations were brilliant.

I had dinner with my cousin last night in a chinese restaurant in Chinatown and it was really good.

Between panels, I went up Telegraph Hill this afternoon and saw the parrots, who must be saying to themselves "fuck that movie maker - we had such a nice gig and now crowds of people come and gawk at us."

I've taken some photographs (none of the parrots, but some of nice Victorian buildings) but am really too tired to download and fiddle with them - maybe when I get back.

It was the reception this evening, and I had a jolly time with the Vampire group (I may get an invite to be on a Buffy panel next year). It was finger food and wine for $11 per glass (and not even amazingly good wine). Food is generally scarce and expensive.

No powerpoints. I needn't have worried. The Tolkien group showed clips from the movie, or one of them did; the other one had technical difficulties. I think I'm well out of it.

Anyway - tomorrow is my talk. Right now I think I'm too tired to be nervous; no doubt I will be tomorrow. But, really, I think I'm ready.

Wish me luck :)