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6 Things That Made me Happy (meme)

As tagged by frumiousb

These six things (among others) made me happy recently:

1. Getting some yard work done this weekend, and seeing my nicely pruned hedge and willow tree.

2. Simon Frankson saying "How much would I PAY to have you teach all the rest of the courses I have to take!"
Thank you, Simon - you probably made my year :)

3. A warm bath, after a long afternoon working in the garden.

4. Sharing a 21st birthday celebration with a delightful, intelligent young woman and her friends, and not feeling out of place :)

5. Getting my "Topaz Park as Winter Wonderland" photo chosen for a calendar.

6. Sitting here, right now, in a snuggly cashmere sweater and sweat pants, listening to Bach, drinking a gin and tonic, and writing in my LJ.

I tag all of you!

This World Holds Many Blessings

It was a blazing beautiful day today, and I am feeling content and happy with my lot (for once - *grin*).

Who could fail to be happy when she can walk up a high hill and look out over blue seas and mountains, with the sun on the water glinting like gold leaf?

Or see three turkey buzzards wheeling in the bright air?

Or catch by its soft rustle the fluid dart of a snake?

Or sit with the warm, solid shoulder of her dog against her side, feeling the rise and fall of his breath under his soft fur?

Or see this?